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A selected annotated bibliography (20 titles or so) would make this article much more usefull. 12/2006


In 2005, as 4,000 people in Detroit paid their final respects to civil rights hero Rosa Parks during the four hours of her funeral ceremony on November 2, FoxNews devoted 23 minutes of air time to live coverage, there was 108 minutes of coverage on CNN and 100 on MSNBC.

Alright, is this relevant to the article, the news coverage of various networks? Why is it neccesary to say FoxNews had only '23 minutes of air time'? Also, isn't 'hero' a non-neutral term? Who is a hero or not is relative, and not a set fact. Should anyone be refered to as a 'hero' on Wikipedia? Shouldn't it say, "Rosa Parks, who is considered to be a hero in the civil rights movement by many..." or something similar?

Here are some links for citations.[edit]

The stuff's out there, I just don't have time to go through the tutorial on how to insert citations right now.

On the peaking of lynchings in the "nadir":

On the foundation of the NAACP: (I mean, come on guys, it's on the NAACP website under "How the NAACP Began"):

On Jim Crow:

On lynchings and lynching photography:

Als, H., Lewis, J., Litwack, L. F. (Authors), Allen, J. (Ed.): Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. (2000) Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe.

Discrimination against Latin Americans[edit]

This section is not very detailed, especially in relation to the subject matter.