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Matt, I didn't know about this. YANE of US provincalism, I suppose. Is CSRG actually trying the Clipper thing over there? Will the suits and 'crats never learn to think clearly!!? Maybe it's really Skipjack and they're trying to hide the evidence of plagarism?

Sign me, disgusted. ww 16:12, 17 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Heh, yes, there was some fuss at the time (Ross Anderson being a particularly vocal opponent). I'm not sure what the ultimate resolution is, but I presume the issue was dropped, since I can't find any reference to it more recent than about 1997...we should prob include some dates. — Matt 16:22, 17 Apr 2004 (UTC)
Matt, I think it is probably useful in this context (ie WP) to note both the opposition and why the opposition, at least briefly. This is a relevant issue, and now that I bring it up, I guess I'd better go check at Skipjack and see if these points are covered there. Thaks for info. ww 17:28, 17 Apr 2004 (UTC)