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I am going to remove the merge tag. While merging Religion in Algeria and Islam in Algeria might seem like common sense, unless the "Religion in Algeria" article had become too large, there is a history of having articles on Islam by country. See Category:Islam in Africa for examples. There is also a history of having articles on religion in countries titled "Religion in Blank". See Category:Religion by country for examples. Therefore, I suggest that any merge decision be decided on all of the articles, rather than one at a time. Also, while Islam is by far the dominant religion in Algeria, it is not the only religion, so there is room for expansion of this article (there is already some material on other religions in the "Religious minorities" section). However, there is obviously considerable overlap. Therefore, I suggest that until a merge decision is made on "Islam in Blank" articles, that the content of the articles be merged, but not the articles themselves, which would involve redirecting one of the articles to the other. After the merge, this article would contain a summary of Islam in Algeria, and a link to the main article at Islam in Algeria would be given. -- Kjkolb (talk) 03:11, 2 November 2008 (UTC)