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Is respect for diversity purely a party-political green concept? I think not. I am thinking the article should be merged with Global Green Charter, or should have Global Green Charter in its title. Laurel Bush 13:07, 11 May 2005 (UTC).

Paragraph on snakes and reduction in diversity[edit]

The appearance of the sentence referring to mexican immigration immediately after an analogous example of snakes in samoa is at best careless. It may be construed as an equation of such people with snakes and i think it would be wise to change the paragraph or come up with a more suitable analogy than snakes (or indeed a specific race) to avoid misconstrual or offense

Suggestion for Deletion[edit]

Lionelt on July 8, 2011 recommended this article for deletion with the concern "non notable neologism". He didn't offer further explanation.

I do not believe this article should be deleted. I added a section referencing the Green Party of the United States, which lists Respect for Diversity as one of their 10 Key Values. I found the original page useful and timely and would certainly welcome expansion by people with more direct knowledge of this topic than I have.

I will point out that while I have edited a variety of Wikipedia articles in the past, I am not an expert in some of the site policies. It is possible Lionelt is far more knowledgeable than i am about these policies, and he may very well be right. However, I worry that the request for deletion would be a mark against freedom of speech and, well, diversity of opinion. I believe Wikipedia should serve as an excellent first source for information of this nature with external links for further (perhaps more controversial) opinions. Open discussion and all that.

For now, I am removing Lionelt's mark for deletion (per the template's directions) and posting my comments here. Jplflyer (talk) 17:14, 12 July 2011 (UTC)