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Confusing paragraph[edit]

"Some references classify other areas of the brain related to perception of smell as rhinencephalon, but areas of the human brain that receive fibers strictly from the olfactory bulb are limited to those of the paleopallium. As such, the rhinencephalon includes the olfactory bulb, the olfactory tract, the olfactory tubercle and striae, the anterior olfactory nucleus and parts of the amygdala and the piriform cortex."

This list of components of the rhinencephalon looks essentially identical to the list given in the paragraph above it. (If you compare the lists, keep in mind that the olfactory tubercle is the same as the anterior perforated substance, according to NeuroNames. "Piriform cortex" should also be synonymous with "prepyriform area".)

How is anything different between these 2 lists? I thought the latter paragraph was supposed to explain how other sources have different definitions of "rhinencephalon", but it ends up with the same list of components. (Or so it seems to me.)

Could it be that this paragraph changed its message in the middle of the first sentence? (Example paraphrase: "Some references classify other areas of brain as part of rhinencephalon, but NONETHELESS, fibers strictly from olfactory bulb are limited to paleopallium. So those references are wrong, and here's the same list we gave above.")

(Disclaimer: I've had trouble trying to figure out whether the terms "rhinencephalon", "paleocortex", and "paleopallium" are all the same, 2 of them the same, or all different. And, if any differences, how they are different. So my paraphrase could be way off or even not make sense. Please take it with a grain of salt.)

If anyone knowledgeable can help fix this problem or say that there is no problem, thanks! (talk) 07:01, 27 January 2011 (UTC)