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Whoever wrote this was confused. Lopez wasn't stripped by the WBC for failing to make weight, it was his opponent Rosendo Alvarez in their rematch who lost the WBA title for that reason. The WBC didn't recognize Lopez-Alvarez II as a title fight because Alvarez was over the weight, but the WBA awarded Lopez the title after he won.

Also, Dariusz Michalczewski is now at 23 successful defenses in a row and counting, so Lopez' run is now third all-time. John

Disagreement in translation of alias[edit]

As a native spanish speaker I disagree on the term "Finisher" as a translation for "Finito".

Finito, is the diminutive of the word "fino", meaning refined, polished, suave, genteel, all referring to high class.

The alias was given to him by Jorge "Sonny" Alarcón, because he saw in the boxer's style a mastery in the art of combining attack and defense.