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a few remarks. I corrected some (not all) spelling errors. However i find trouble in 1 case and have doubts in another. At language it says rikbaksta speak portuguese with "whites" archaic information that must have come from the rubberplanter missionairies as brazil is not white. I suppose it should just say "fellow brazilians" or "portuguese speakers". Likewise i doubt that the reference to reincarnation as poisonous snakes is not an overinterpretation. I would actually guess they are only mentioned as an example after instigation of once again missionairies. The general idea may be, you'd become an animal hunted, and even hated by humans. Like what?.. well jaguar, snakes. "even poisinous snakes?" yes even those. At least thats how i think this became so explicit. (talk) 11:40, 10 December 2007 (UTC)