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I think this category should be added to succession box data. I did so for Tony Lopez. I think all other fights should be in succession boxes for both fighters.

Something for someone who knows more about Wiki-formatting to check on and add: In their 75th Anniversary Issue RING Magazine listed all of their fights of the year from 1922 to present. Here they are:

'22 - Greb v Tunney

'23 - Dempsey v Firpo

'24 - Tunney v Carpentier

'25 - Greb v Walker

'26 - Dempsey v Tunney

'27 - Dempsey v Tunney

'28 - Loughran v Lomski

'29 - Schmeling v Risko

'30 - Kid Chocolate v Kid Berg

'31 - Schmeiling v Stribling

'32 - Canzoneri v Petrolle

'33 - Schmeling v Baer

'34 - Ross v McLarnin

'35 - Louis v Baer

'36 - Louis v Schmeling

'37 - Louis v Farr

'38 - Armstrong v Ambers

'39 - Louis v Pastor

'40 - Armstrong v Garcia

'41 - Louis v Conn

'42 - Pep v Wright

'43 - Jack v Montgomery

'44 - Jack v Montgomery 04:04, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

Also known as...[edit]

In boxing, instead of using the phrase "Ring Magazine fights of the year" we use simply the word FOTY wich means "Fight Of The Year", so it can be used as a redirection 'cause most people looks for FOTY



Is Magarito-Cotto really The Ring fight of the year 2008 because has it that in fact Vazquev vs Marquez 3 got FOTY 2008?

I've been trying to google it but I can't find anything else. I want to say on Miguel Cotto's wikipedia entry that it was fight of the year but now I don't know if it was.


Bjermaine (talk) 18:33, 3 January 2013 (UTC)yes, the fights above were for the anniversary issue and not fights that won the actual award. also, the pacquiao-marquez 4 fight only won the fan poll and is not yet the official fight of the year by the ring. they will announce that in the next couple of months.


As pro boxers compete as individuals and not as national representatives there is no justification for all those flag icons. I've removed them. See WP:MOSFLAG.  Tigerboy1966  00:57, 20 January 2013 (UTC)