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Plot Question[edit]

Shouldn't this have some actual info about the book? Plot etc?

I agree. Can we put this page in a category for clarification? JD 02:22, 12 November 2007 (UTC)

Added plot section. There is some confusion over the date of publication. Some sources state 1985 and some 1990. pr3sidentspence 10:13, 24 April, 2008 (CST)

Time Dilation and Anti-Aging Drugs[edit]

This page's descriptions of the duration of the 5.9 light-year journey depicted in the book are at best vague. I have not read the book in some time. While it may well be that the astronauts were "only a decade physically older" than when they left the Solar System, the various accounts of the time their journey took are either self-contradictory or totally lacking clarity. Is the first 20-year figure in the "Plot" section the subjective time the astronauts experienced while the 20-years-accelerating plus 20-years-coasting comprise the time experienced by Mission Control? What is the actual age-retardation factor of the drugs, and how long did the journey take from the point of view of the ship? And what about deceleration? The ship couldn't just stop on a dime, even with the increased thrust from the laser system.

Forward is not the sort of author to just pull this stuff out of thin air; he did the math on this. The problem is some previous contributors to this article appear not to have, and I don't have the book with me to fix it. (talk) 21:22, 23 June 2008 (UTC)