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I am Barbara Geohagan Evan's sister. She was killed on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 5, 1968. She was alone in her car and was not hit by a drunk driver. Her 1968 Camaro's accelarator stuck when she was coming out of a curve on the Kinston highway. To add a foot note to this, she had had her car in the repair shop several times to repair it and the car was never fixed. She was not pregnant either. She and Rodney did not want to have children for another year or so. I spent the Labor Day week-end with her before she was killed and we talked about everything.

I love the fact that an article was dedicated to Rodney and enjoyed reading it and would like to keep it.

Janice Geohagan Hamilton

The article has been updated with the information provided by Mrs. Hamilton (Rodney Evans' Platoon Leader is a good friend of mine) Also, if any better photographs are available, they can be added to the article--Brian H 17:55, 20 June 2006 (UTC)