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Bankruptcy category[edit]

I readded Category:Companies that have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as there I had not found a church-specific bankruptcy category. And though maybe not in the most commercial sense of the term, the diocese is a "company" and has legal status. — MrDolomite • Talk

  • The Roman Catholic church is not a business and it's not in the business of making money. It's a charitable organization, such as blood banks, schools, orphanages, hospitals, seniors care, etc. Many of these institutions also have chapter 11 bankruptcy, some may be viewed as commercial, but I don't see any listed in this catagory. As you have stated 'have not found a church-specific bankrupcy catagory', doesn't make it an excuse to lump it in with companies or corporations. It's misleading information. If you're willing to creat one then by all means add the name to it. Iota 9 (talk) 22:09, 10 May 2010 (UTC)