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Q: Why are there three seperated articles, Router, Routing, Routing protocol
A: This is to solve the article being overly complex for a non-computer person. Update the article Router if you are updating infomation about Routers, NOT routing protocols.
Update the article, Routing protocol if you want to update information on the protocols routers use.
Finally update the article, Routing, if you want to update this topic without discussing the protocols behind routing.
Q: You have reverted/removed/trimmed my edits basically the whole section! Why?
A: Most probable cause, duplicate content. You cannot create a section in an article, and then create a stub article with the same content. You need to use Wiki links and point to the information.
Q: Why did you change the intro to the article?
A: Intro's should be a short paragaph lead in that anyone can understand. In other words a laymen. You can get very technical in an article, just not in the intro. Remember everyone was not a computer science student.