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Information to this page[edit]

The page written here is absolutely awful, and their are several inaccuracies with regard to the engine itself. The engine in the 75 for example was a complete redesign of the 800 K. The earlier Sterling engine was just a V6 rehash of the early K development whereas the later KV6 was a complete redesign, and it shares only a few major components. Also the problems experienced by the KV6 were nowhere near as bad as the K series block in the early years, although cost-downs during BMWs ownership of the company (around '96) did affect the specification resulting in a slightly detrimental effect to the quality of the block.

Early reports of camshafts snapping in Freelanders were down to an agrieved employee of the company leaking prototyping data and information to Autocar and the magazine didn't bother to research the circumstance surround the leak.

Generally the KV6 is a good design and is fully optimised for the application it is used for. As far as I know, the engine is still being used in the BTCC championship and to good effect.

Check out the K - Series Wiki article then look through the links.