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Expanded Categories (suggestion)[edit]

I recommend the following list of Categories that would more adequately reflect the wide range of fields, themes and subjects associated to Dr. Ruben Berrios:

Category:1939 births|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Living people|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Georgetown University alumni|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Members of the Puerto Rican Independence Party|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Georgetown University alumni]] Category:Senators of Puerto Rico|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Puerto Rican nationalists|Berrios, Ruben]] Category:Yale University alumni]] Category:Revolutionaries]] Category:Leaders of political parties]] Category:Yale Law School alumni]] Category:Political history of Puerto Rico]] Category:Vieques, Puerto Rico]] Category:Alumni of the University of Oxford]] Category:Culebra, Puerto Rico]] Category:Green politicians]] Category:People associated with the University of Oxford]] Category:Lists of people associated with the University of Oxford]] Category:Aibonito, Puerto Rico]] Category:Yale University people]] Category:Political people]] Category:Social Progressives]]

I would appreciate it if Administrators could provide feedback on this recommendation. Thanks!

-WikiableHome 19:04, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

I removed the undocumented idea that somehow camping at Vieques causes cancer. -- Zoe