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This article has been partially translated from the Portuguese Wikipedia and the link was included within the article. I believe that the reliable sources to proof the existence of the city can be found at the Portuguese wikipedia and it has not been tranfered here because the article is still a STUB. This article has been erroneously tagged as unreferenced by the same user who tagged several other articles modified within the time frame between 02:51 and 03:11 on December 20, 2007. The changes can be seen on our fellow editor's contibs page. I hope our fellow editor don't start an "edit war" because I believe that it would be his first issue within 3 months using wikipedia. I appreciate your time reading this and I appologize for the mistake. Loukinho (talk) 07:15, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

G'day Loukinho, I tagged the article with the unreferenced tag because the article is unreferenced. I'm not disputing the fact that the city "exists". That was never the issue. Did you know that I am allowed to tag articles? Did you know that any other editor on here can come and mark your articles with maintenance tags if they believe they need them? Did you know that maintenance tags actually help your articles by alerting other editors to the fact that work is needed on them? Now back to the fact that your article is unreferenced. I found a website you can use as a reference if you wish? Do you know how to cite sources? You do right? Well here's a link you can use [1] you may find it a useful one to use on several of your articles. Sooner or later other editors are going to come and work on the pages you have created. If you do not wish other editors to contribute to your articles then Wikipedia is the wrong place for you? I also do not understand what you meant by, "I hope our fellow editor don't start an "edit war"? I can assure you I had no intention of getting into some silly argument over your removal of the unreferenced tag. I think if you are taking offense at people tagging articles, and I'm not saying you are. Then you should really see the wisdom of the maintenance tags as being helpful and not a hindrance to article development. Cheers, :-) Sting_au Talk 11:32, 21 December 2007 (UTC)