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a question[edit]

Does anyone know if this page is linked to the page for Albany, NY?

Not sure what that question was about. I guess it was to suggest that this building should be mentioned in the Albany, New York article, which perhaps it should. doncram (talk) 19:04, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

source for more development of article[edit]

There's a bunch more to add to the article from the NRHP document for the site.[1]

  1. ^ Liebs, Charles H. (August, 1970). "National Register of Historic Places Inventory/Nomination: Delaware & Hudson Railway Company Building". Retrieved 2009-01-13.  Check date values in: |date= (help) and Accompanying one photo, exterior, undated

doncram (talk) 19:04, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

Does anyone else see a problem?[edit]

Currently this is in the article= According to the NRHP documents about the site, "Throughout the years, the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building, because of its large scale, strategic location and irreplaceable detail, has often been mistaken for the New York State Capitol." Ok, I'm sure the NRHP documents does state that, but where do the people who wrote it get that info? What is THEIR source? Does anyone other than me see a problem with having a statement like that in the article? Does anyone really mistake it for the Capitol because its "large scale, strategic location and irreplaceable detail"? If so then why dont they turn 180 degrees around and see that a LARGER scale building, in a MORE strategic location, and also with irreplaceable detail is at the OTHER end of lower State Street and realize, oh, THAT building is more impressive maybe THAT is the Capitol, oh yea, there's a giant sign that says it is! Both buildings do not look like the classic American thought of a "capitol" building (no dome), but come on, the NYS Capitol isnt exactly kept in the dark and never promoted, whereas the D&H building really isnt promoted, even by the city itself. If I'm the only one who sees a problem with this statement then ok leave it, but speak up if you think this type of statement is not something Wikipedia should have.Camelbinky (talk) 02:52, 29 July 2009 (UTC)