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removal of unreferenced information of dubious quality[edit]

This article is tagged as having been unreferenced since January 2008. Much of the anthropological "information" could only be found in other online places where they are derived from Wikipedia. This means that whether it is true or not, it has become "well known". As such, I have reduced the length of the article significantly.

Anybody adding material based on online sources should be careful that they are not just putting back material that originated in this unsourced article. Topics to be wary of include

  • great enemies being traditionally the Kupamal and Thugeral
  • the "sacred Adhibuya stone"
  • Zaman Wislin cult

--Scott Davis Talk 02:06, 16 July 2011 (UTC)

I actually logged into my long-dormant Wikipedia account to make a comment along the same lines as this. I was reading the article and the name of one of the native groups mentioned, “Cassomwary Clan”, struck me as potentially a typo, given the orthographic proximity between the first word and the word “Cassowary”. The latter is a type of bird found in the very same part of the world that the article deals with, i.e. the northern tip of Australia and the southern tip of Papua New Guinea. I googled the term “Cassomwary Clan”, and the only results seem to either directly parrot the exact text of the Wikipedia article, or at least suggest it as a source. I’m not an expert but I reckon it’d be good to get someone who works in this particular anthropological field to comment. Imcintosh (talk) 08:07, 7 October 2017 (UTC)