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Factual Error[edit]

The current "Saint Bibiana" article confuses two different women from two different centuries. A good source is the Los Angeles Archdiocese website, The painting in the current article is a painting of St. Vibiana, the patroness of Los Angeles. She was martyred in the *third* century, and her relics occupy a chapel at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, in Los Angeles. Her tomb, discovered in the mid-19th century, said that she was laid to rest on August 31st. That is the eve of her feast day now, her feast day proper being September 1st, still observed by many churches and monasteries in Southern California.

The St. Bibiana described in the *text* of the current article is a *different* woman, martyred in the *fourth* century, whose relics are in her cathedral at Rome. (Bernini worked on the building.) Her feast day, as noted in the current article, is December 2nd. 19:34, 17 January 2007 (UTC)Ashley Faulkner,

Yes, I agree with the previous post. There are two Saint Vibianas and the current article has confused the two into one. The Wiki article needs to be re-edited.