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In article wrote: "Salah Shahade was born in 1953, in Jaffa". This isn't make sense - If he born at 1953 in Jaffa, he must be an Israel citizen, how he arrived to Gaza?
I deleted this sentence. Troll Refaim 21:04, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Class action suit[edit]

Anyone know what happened with the class action suit reported by Pravda? <<-armon->> (talk) 03:57, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

killing of his 9 children?[edit]

In the article it is said that his 9 children were also killed. However, in the list there are only three persons with his surname? Does anyone explain it? Thanks, Egeymi (talk) 05:28, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

The source says nine children. It does not explicitly say that they were his nine children. I have attempted to clean this up using another source.--Toddy1 (talk) 16:55, 22 July 2012 (UTC)
However, there are still issues. The names of the killed are not identical. The most important difference is that one version has six members of the Matar family killed, and the other has seven. Note that the appeal document spells Matar with two 't's in the list of wounded, and Shehade is spelled both Shehadeh and Shihada.--Toddy1 (talk) 16:56, 22 July 2012 (UTC)
Palestinians killed during the course of a targeted killing in the Occupied Territories, 29.9.2000 - 26.12.2008. B’Tselem. Retrieved 2011-09-26. Appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court, Javier Fernández Estrada, 21 September 2009.
  • Salah Mustafa Shahadeh, 49 year-old man (object of the targeted killing)
  • Laila Khamis Shahadeh, 41 year-old woman
  • Iman Salah Shahadeh, 14 year-old girl
  • Iman Hassan Matar, 27 year-old woman
  • Alaa Muhammad Matar, 11 year-old girl
  • Dunia Rami Matar, 5 year-old girl
  • Muhammad Raed Matar, 4 year-old boy
  • Aiman Raed Matar, 2 year-old boy
  • Dina Raed Matar, Under 1 year-old girl
  • Muna Fahmi al-Huti, 22 year-old woman
  • Subhi Mahmoud al-Huti, 5 year-old boy
  • Muhammad Mahmoud al-Huti, 3 year-old boy
  • Zaher Saleh Nassar, 37 year-old man (object of the targeted killing)
  • Yusef Subhi 'Ali a-Shawa, 42 year-old man
  • Khader Muhammad a-Sa'idi, 67 year-old man
As a result of the bombing, in addition to Salah Shehadeh, the following persons were killed:
  • Iman Ibrahim Hassan Matar
  • Dalia Ra’ed Mohammed Matar
  • Ayman Ra’ed Mohammed Matar
  • Mohammed Ra’ed Mohammed Matar
  • Dina Rami Mohammed Matar
  • Alaa’ Mohammed Ibrahim Matar
  • Miriam Mohammed Ibrahim Matar
  • Muna Fahmi Mohammed al-Howaiti
  • Subhi Mahmoud Subhi al-Howaiti
  • Mohammed Mahmoud Subhi al-Howaiti
  • Khader Mohammed Ali al-Sa’idi
  • Yousef Subhi Ali al-Shawa
  • Iman Salah Mustafa Shihada
  • Leila Khamis Yousef Shihada

The persons injured were, amongst others: Ibrahim Mohamad Ibrahim Mattar, Ramez Mohamad Ibrahim Mattar, Amal Mohamad Ibrahim Mattar, Maha Mohamad Ibrahim Mattar, Reem Mohamad Youseph, Rami Mohamad Ibrahim Mattar, Hana’a Hamdi Mattar, this not being a complete list, as is duly reflected in the proceedings.

Main page[edit]

Congratulations on this article making the anniversary section =) I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but the explanation of this article in the anniversary section seems poorly written

2002 – The Israeli Defense Forces dropped a bomb on the home of Salah Shehade, the leader of the military arm of Hamas, killing him and his family.

I move that it be changed to

2002 – The Israeli Defense Forces performed a precision military strike on the headquarters of Hamas terrorist leader Salah Shehade, effectively killing him and crippling Hamas significantly.

It cleans up the article greatly as it seems very POV in the first instance, giving legitimacy to Hamas and also the terrorist himself. Can an editor please fix this up? Thanks ^.@.^ (talk) 10:04, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

Please see WP:TERRORIST. It is as neutral as it will get right now. I'm not a Hamas apologist, but one man's "terrorist" is another's "freedom fighter" --L1A1 FAL (talk) 10:59, 22 July 2012 (UTC)