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Cut entries[edit]

I'm going to list the entries I cut during clean-up, to address the objection made in the edit history.

My general policy in removing entries from dab lists is that a disambiguation page is meant to help users navigate between existing articles that are legitimately referred to using the same word or phrase.

  • The name of an Austro-Hungarian ship of the Drache class built in 1861 (Reason for removal: no article linked)
  • A fireplace poker (Article doesn't mention "salamander", making this just a dictionary definition (and an unverified one))
  • Salamander Shoes, a German shoe manufacturer (Not an existing article)
  • Salamander web browser. a Web browser for Linux (Not an existing article)
  • Salamander (or Salamandro) is one of the elemental spirits in the Seiken Densetsu series. (Article doesn't mention "salamander", making this just a dictionary definition (and an unverified one))
  • "Old Salamander" was a nickname given to Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, famous for proclaiming "Damn the torpedoes!", for his great naval exploits during the American Civil War. [citation needed] (The article says nothing about this nickname)
  • Salamander is the name of one of the main armies in Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. (Article doesn't mention this army by name; if there is an article offering further information on this context, it should be linked)
  • Asbestos when described by Marco Polo is called "Salamander" (This appears to be junk)

However, I'll add these three links back in, since the first one does actually talk about a Salamander broiler and was an oversight on my part, and the latter two have internal links and are therefore allowed by MOS:DP.

If there's further objection to removing any of these, please discuss it here instead of reverting all cleanup. Propaniac (talk) 16:39, 7 January 2008 (UTC)