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Likeness to Abu Bakr Section[edit]

This section is not relevant to the figure of Samiri, nothing in it relates to him or who he is. The views in it are political opinions of the historical figure Abu Bakr by shia muslims. Aby Bakr was the first Khalifah in islam after the prophet (saws) and he was a Khalif before the shia sect came into existence, there opinions on him are their interpretation of history and events. The Shia sect is roughly 5-12% of the world Muslim population, so sectarian minority opinions of who Abu Bakr was are being represented as mainstream Islam. The Majority of Muslims ~90% accept Abu Bakr as the legitimate first Khalif and this is reflected academically. So this entire section should be deleted due to its irrelevance to who samiri was and for it's sectarian bias. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 04:53, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Connection with Zimri/Lack of Scholarly Opinions regarding Samiri's Identity[edit]

This article, in my opinion, needs more scholarly commentary regarding the identity of Samiri. True, some have identified him with Zimri, but other scholars and classical Qur'anic commentators remaiBLOBVIS e needs to present and discuss these differing views. To simply equate Samiri with Zimri based solely on some similarities in their characters without addressing the diversity of opinion among the commentators does readers a great disservice.