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Could do with a copyright free photo of Sammy. Where to get one?--Light current 12:02, 12 January 2006 (UTC)


Became staff arranger for ABC radio station, WCAE, Pittsburgh, Pa.At 17 Received B.S. degree in music education from Duquesne University. Honorary Doctor of Music degree three times by the school , the Distinguished Alumni award. 1994, inducted into the �Century Club�.

Special music awards in 1978, 1979 and 1980 by North Texas State.

2005 he received an honorary doctor of music degree from Virignia's Shenandoah University.

Directed the music programs at

  • Westinghouse Memorial High School,
  • Wilmerding Pa.,
  • Pierce College, Los Angeles, Ca.
  • University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.

Sammy joined the USAF Band in Washington, D.C. as staff arranger, and then became leader of the famous Airmen of Note. After 15 years with the Air Force, he enlisted with the United States Marine Band in Washington, serving as chief arranger and director of the White House orchestra which performed for important judicial and congressional social functions during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

Between 1970 and 1984, Sammy was the composer/arranger for the Count Basie orchestra. He directed the recording of ten albums of original music, four of which won Grammy awards. Engaged by Capitol Records as arranger/orchestrator, co-writing the equivalent of 63 albums for that organization.

U,X and Z[edit]

Why no entries under these. Has he not got round to these letters yet? 8-)--Light current 22:26, 30 December 2006 (UTC)

Personal Experience[edit]

I have nothing to do with writing the article on Sammy Nestico but I would like to add my contribution in the discussion page as it would be inappropriate to put it in the article, however it does enhance the understanding of Sammy Nestico's music:

He is no ordinary arranger, he is one of the very best. I am a young(ish) self-taught jazz pianist from South London and I am also into Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Punk and anything else that is fat powerful music.

Having played with a few Big-Band rehearsal bands with elderly retired musicians who know a lot more about big band than me, I can testify to the fact that his arrangements are by far the most powerful and awesome that we play. The article doesn't mention how he really is one of the very best at what he does and the extent to which his scores stand out amongst all the other stuff played by bands like these. Some tunes we play are interesting, challenging etc. But I've never had a big band session that doesn't include at least a couple of tunes by Nestico despite the vast catalogue of scores to choose from. His tunes are the ones that are pure entertainment, pure force, power and indulgence whether you are the punter or the musician !

I couldn't have written that in the main article page, but the article doesn't really give the full picture without mentioning the joy his scores have given to people so far detached from the scene Nestico was a part of compared to the stuff we play..

Alex__W —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:49, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

Removed arrangements, etc. as per Wikipedia policy[edit]

After having spent much time copy-editing them, have removed the following sections from the article - if any of them are his own compositions - and acknowledged as standards - or are in any way notable, as in Grammy winners, etc., they can go back in. But all arrangers and musicians make arrangements of numerous songs and it is not possible to include each and every one of them in each and every article - unless notable - and referenced as such:

List of arrangements and compositions[edit]

Big band arrangements[edit]

  • 88 Basie Street
  • A Little Blues, Please
  • After the Rain
  • Another Lazy Day
  • All My Life
  • Alright, Okay, You Win!
  • A Time for love
  • Back Home
  • Bashful Albert
  • Basie Straight Ahead
  • Beautiful Friendship, A
  • Big Band Milestones
  • Billy May for President
  • Blue Chip
  • Blues Machine, The
  • Boogie Express
  • Brasilia
  • Broadway
  • Bundle O' Funk
  • Bustling
  • Caught Speeding
  • CB Express
  • Celebration
  • Chelsea Bridge
  • Coastline Cruise
  • Color Me Warm
  • Count The Aces
  • Dark Orchid
  • Dawdlin'
  • Day In, Day Out
  • Dimensions in Blue
  • Doc's Holiday
  • Doin' Basies Thing
  • Don't Get Around Much Any More
  • Double Exposure
  • Dream Tree
  • Early Morning
  • Easy to Love
  • Ev'ry Little Beat Helps
  • Fascinating Rhythm
  • Fancy Pants
  • Featherweight
  • Feelin' Free
  • Flight to Nassau
  • Fly Me To The Moon
  • Freckle Face
  • Front Burner
  • Fun Time
  • Go Fill Your Dreams
  • Good News
  • Great Debate, The
  • Groovin' Easy
  • Hang In There
  • Pleasin'
  • Plunger, The
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Prime Time
  • Put It Right Here
  • Queen Bee, The
  • Quincy and The Count
  • Reachin' Out
  • Reachin' for a rainbow
  • Samantha
  • Sam's Boogie
  • Satin Doll
  • Satin and Glass
  • Scott's Place
  • Shiny Stockings
  • Shoreline Drive
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home
  • Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  • Smack Dab in the Middle
  • Small Talk
  • Soft As Velvet
  • Soft Touch, A
  • Splanky
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Stardust
  • Strike Up the Band
  • Sweet Georgia Brown
  • Sweet Georgia Brown (Short Version)
  • Sweet Gingerbread Man
  • Swingin' on the Orient Express
  • Switch in Time
  • Take One
  • Take the "A" Train
  • Tall Cotton
  • Tater Patch
  • That Warm Feeling
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • There! I've Said It Again
  • This Guy's in Love with You
  • This Way
  • Time For Love, A
  • Time waits for no one
  • Tribute to The Count
  • Tribute to The Duke
  • TV Theme Montage
  • Twice as Nice
  • Warm Breeze, A
  • Who's Sorry Now?
  • Willow Gold
  • Wind Machine
  • Ya Gotta Try
  • Ya Gotta Try harder
  • You Came a Long Way From St. Louis
  • You 'n' Me

Concert band arrangements[edit]

  • A Fireside Christmas
  • Eldorado
  • Malagueña
  • The Clock Shoppe
  • Silent Night
  • Salute to American Jazz
  • All through the Night
  • Model T
  • Light Vibrations
  • Silver Quill
  • Traces
  • When You Wish Upon a Star

Classical arrangements[edit]

  • A Study in Contrasts
  • Reflective Mood (Trombone and Piano)

Solo instrument arrangements[edit]

  • Portrait of a Trumpet (Trumpet and Concert Band)
  • Persuasion (Alto Sax and Concert Band)

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