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Proposal to move (rename) the article[edit]

I have noticed over time that the Mexicans are inconsistent with names of their villages and small towns. For example, in the municipio that contains this very town, there is a rancho known by several variations on the name San Pedro Xicora: Xicora may be pluralized, 'de' may be added, the old fashioned 'X' may be modernized to 'J'. Many, perhaps most Mexican villages have both a Christian saint's name and a native name; with many of them, even official Mexican sources will be discrepant as to using both names or just one.

As I edited a little while ago, two Mexican government agencies, the postal service and the Secretariat of Governance, disagree on whether to use "San Francisco" in the name of this municipio capital. I propose we "move" (rename) two articles: move this article to Mezquital and consequently the article about the municipio of the same name to Mezquital (municipality). What do others think of this proposal? See WP:MOVE. Dale Chock (talk) 09:33, 12 February 2009 (UTC)