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Sandboarding In Cape Town, South Africa[edit]

In Cape Town, South Africa Downhill Adventures [1] Pioneered sandboarding after the Director Axel Zander won the world championship speed challenge in 1999. They offer half and full day activities as well as combining this great new adventure activities with quad biking, sky diving and surfing. The Dunes complex at Atlantis just 40 minutes out of Cape Town offers an amazing arena with dunes of varying size and steepness to suit all levels of experience.

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This article has grown (like sandboarding) to the point that it needs to get a little more "professional." In particular, the long list of places to sandboard has the feel of a fanboard chat site ("past Gordon's Well (freeway hill), across Hwy.8, smaller dunes and less people") and is becoming a pointless miscellany. I think it has gotten to the point where items from the list should be removed unless they have an external link and/or a wikilink to a wikipedia article that provides more information.

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Sandboarding is a boardsport similar to snowboarding, but competitions take place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. Here, a member of the US Navy sandboards down a dune in Jebel Ali, Dubai.Photo: Steven J. Weber/US Navy

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