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— Preceding unsigned comment added by Takabeg (talkcontribs) 03:20, 7 August 2011

I am not sure what to think about this. When you include alternative name for Skopje - Skoplje, there are some more works that refer to this sanjak as Skopje (skoplje) not Ushkup. Though, you made mistake in the first GBS result. It is 29 not 20 ("Sanjak of Uskub" -Llc 29. )
"Sanjak of Skoplje" -Llc 3
"Sandjak of Skoplje" -Llc 1
"Skoplje sanjak" -Llc 3 (-1)
"Sandzak Skoplje" -Llc 1
--Antidiskriminator (talk) 08:14, 7 August 2011 (UTC)

Suggested split[edit]

@Zoupan: suggested split of this article into articles titled Sanjak of Üsküp (1392–1463) and Sanjak of Üsküp (1463–1913). I would like to thanks to Zoupan for this proposal. It is connected with one important phenomenon: Ottoman borderlands (kind of March (territory)). Precisely with Skopsko Krajište and Bosansko Krajište. I planned to write an article about it and to further investigate and expand articles about different Ottoman borderlands including two above mentioned but two editors did not allow me to do it. Part of the discussion can be found here. Similar to some other articles, like Skaramuca, it seems that the problem was the ""Serbness" of the term Krajiste".

Anyway, the subject of Ottoman borderlands has recently received significant attention of scholarship. I planned to buy a couple of books about this phenomenon but got myself trapped in dark modern history for now. The ottoman borderlands were fluid entities by themselves so it is very important to carefully investigate them before major changes are performed.

To summarize: I basically agree with split proposal, but I am uncertain what is the best name for 1392-1463 entity (Skopsko Krajište?) and what exactly should it cover (should it include Bosansko Krajište or not). If somebody has more knowledge about this issues any suggestion would be highly appreciated. --Antidiskriminator (talk) 06:50, 13 May 2014 (UTC)