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The problem I'm running into is that Sant Antoni de Calonge was simply a beach outisde of Calonge until the 1800's. Even then, it was nothing more than a fishing village until the 1930's. The town had a three year window during which it had autonomy from Calonge and now it's back under the stewardship of Calonge. My problem is the lack of a clear distinction between the history of Sant Antoni and Calonge. Any suggestions? Please help me add more to this article.


This is my timeline for Sant Antoni.

Cave people 
(archeological evidence and ruins in the area dated to Chalcolithic Period)
Part of Roman Empire 
(archeological evidence and ruins in the area)
Uninhabited beach along the coast of Calonge 
(pirates kept people frome settling along the Mediterranean coast)
Church of St Daniel is built 
(archeological evidence from the 1500's - 1600's)
(pirates decline and settlement begins with a fishing village)
Autonomy of Sant Antoni as San Antonio de Mar and Levantine Sea 
(Spanish Civil War lasts as long as the autonomy, 1936 - 1939, and Sant Antoni has two different names during this time)
Sant Antoni de Calonge is placed under the municipality of Calonge and remains that way today

Frankcjones (talk) 03:03, 6 March 2013 (UTC)