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Students beware[edit]

I created the original version of this article and had been monitoring it for bad edits until about a month ago, but I am leaving the WP and am now abandoning this article to its fate.

Just wanted to provide notice that I am only responsible (in part) for the last version I edited; see User:Hillman/Archive. I emphatically do not vouch for anything you might see in more recent versions. I hope for the best, but I haven't verified the recent edits by an anon. There were good reasons why I chose the notation that I used. I caution that "prettifying" signs is a good way to turn a correct equation into an incorrect one if it is not done very carefully, so the studious reader will need to carefully check whether the current version of the article is mathematically accurate. (I suspect this might be a good example of what I call edit creep, unfortunately.)

Good luck to all students in your search for information, regardless!---CH 17:23, 1 July 2006 (UTC)