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Definition -- or at least one of them -- "Unfinished and unedited sound track used to give a rough idea of the sound of the completed recording" ( That definition to me is more of what a demo is or can-be. My understanding (experience) is that scratch tracks can also be what you build a track off of -- record the foundation of your track, re-record around the scratch track, take out the scratch track (or pieces there-of) as you go. My Point -- and I do have one -- is that there needs to be another page here on Wikipedia and that this "Scratch Track" page ought to be "Scratch Track (band)".

I second that. I wouldn't be surprised if the band was named after the scratch track from the recording context. I think this article should be moved to Scratch Track (Band) and there should be something about the recording thing here. --Zupftom (talk) 08:15, 2 November 2010 (UTC)