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Interesting idea worth pursuing[edit]

It is an interesting concept worth pursuing. the traditional business IT systems are all about storing and retrieving data, which is associated with stakeholders participating in some business activity. So apart from some core business rules, which may be computational, most other times, these information systems are storing and retrieving data. The data is either about the stakeholders (real, nominal ) or their actions (process status, process flow, impending events etc.).

Moreover a top down schema centric approach has brought us thus far, but is preventing us from making that migration to next level of business IT user expectation. This may be the 'caterpiller to butterfly' moment for business IT world? Should this wiki act as a focal point for interested parties to converge and discuss, given that there is nothing out there in industry resembling this?

Different from SOA[edit]

The content of this section has nothing to do with the notion of exposing underlying componenents as a services or web services. It deals with the concept of information retrieval (IR) which is a non-relational mechanism for storing and retrieving data. It is not tied to web services, service composition, governance, or any other aspect of Service Oriented Architecture. This section should NOT be merged with Service Oriented Architecture. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:42, 13 October 2008 (UTC)