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There are no active tasks for this page
  • The article is very technical and strongly relies on the knowledge of all underlying concepts to understand what ssh is. Start the article with an introduction of what ssh is which is more readable and move the current definition into a section called "definition".
  • Introduce how ssh can use public-key cryptography to enable a user to use passphrase-locked private keys in order to open a ssh connection. Currently there is a section "How it works - by analogy" at the end, but there is a gap because it's never explained how public-key cryprography is used in ssh, so this section should either be removed or (preferably) be embedded in an explanation how the concept of public-key crytography is used in ssh.
    • Renamed the section now to "How ssh uses public-key cryptography (with analogy)" and cleaned it up a bit. For example, I replaced the references to the reader using "You" and "Your" with "the user" and "the user's". It still needs more improvement to be understandable by someone who does not know ssh at all.
      • As far as I see, in that paragraph the basics of pulic key cryptography are described by analogy, but nothing's said about how ssh uses this principle to identify the user. I would recommand that this paragraph be removed (Or maybe moved to p.k.c.) and be written from scrach (if someone wants it), if you asked for my single honest opinion.
        • PLEASE, get rid of this paragraph. It is horribly written and offers a pitifully simplistic analogy for the sake of accessibility. There is nothing special about SSH's use of public-key cryptography, so rather than a bad intro to public-key crypto, let's just send the reader to its proper article? I would erase this paragraph but I tried once and got reverted. Alg8662 06:45, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

ReverseMappingCheck and VerifyReverseMapping are deprecated[edit]

OpenSSH will moan if they're in sshd_config. They seem to be replaced by UseDNS, but does it do the same thing? If so, why don't the docs say so? Is the name change intended to clarify the risks involved or what? I've not been able to find much of use (just other people asking the same sort of questions) Mr. Jones 15:33, 17 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Broken External Links[edit]

bad link[edit]

the xeyes picture displayed on this page(X over ssh) link to a different picture —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 22:17, 13 March 2006 (UTC)

Estimating number of SSH users[edit]

Where does the estimate of 2 million users at the end of 2000 (in the history section) come from?

I found the following link which describes a study of the number of SSH servers: which indicates that maybe 5% of hosts ran SSH services at the end of their survey.

openssh supports also full VPN[edit]

  • openssh based vpn is a simple and quite good tcp based vpn. Really easy to set up, between unixes. More info is on man page and the key is to use -w and tun devices.
  • Any SSH implementation can do VPN by using PPP and attaching the SSH session to named pipes.