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Known members[edit]

The final sentence of the "Known members" section refers to a dozen objects with a > 150 au, q > 30 au, and ω = 340°±55°. In the article this sentence is kind of out of place, since there is no immediately obvious reason for its inclusion in the article. Presumably it was included because Trujillo & Sheppard's article on the Sednoids posits that this larger population of objects share a common origin with the Sednoids. What do you think about following the last sentence of the "Known members" section with a sentence like

  • Some astronomers have suggested that these objects share a common origin with the Sednoids.[1][10]

In addition, the Jilkova/Leiden Observatory paper refers to this larger set of a dozen or so objects as "Sednitos". The "Sednitos" terminology appears to be unique to that particular paper. If the final sentence is expanded to include the sentence I suggest above, maybe it should also be followed with a sentence like:

  • Some astronomers[10] refer to this family of objects as "Sednitos".

I have elected to not add these two sentences since the "Some astronomers" phrasing is awkward and I am unsure of the significance of the idea that they share a common origin. —RP88 (talk) 15:24, 20 June 2015 (UTC)