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This is a very interesting article, but so much of it is devoted to mass seeding and other strategies for defeating seed predation that we could really use some examples of plants that use these strategies instead of just descriptions of the strategies. Presumably these examples would be found in the papers cited following each description of the counter-strategy. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Wikiguy2006 (talkcontribs) 22:27, 14 September 2006 (UTC)

Updated outline[edit]

As part of a graduate course, a few ecology students and I have been asked to evaluate and attempt to improve Wikipedia entries related to ecology. Specifically, our primary task is to review the entries for ‘Granivore’ and ‘Seed Predation.’

After reviewing the current entries and discussing possible improvements we have repeatedly revisited the previously discussed issue (found on Granivore discussion board) of merging Granivore with Seed Predation. After much thought, we have concluded that the two entries should be merged. We feel that by discussing the details of seed predation, we will in effect be accurately defining what a granivore is and the ecological role they play in ecosystems (we also plan to explicitly define Granivore here in the Seed Predation entry).

We have put together a detailed outline for the proposed changes, that if agreed upon by the community, would expand the scope and background of seed predation and granivory. Here is the current status of our proposed Seed Predation entry for comments (introduction section is meant to summarize everything in a concise manner, and readers further interested in the details may proceed to expanded sections):

1.) Provide a good definition of seed predation and granivory
>Include that it’s a type of herbivory
2.) Seed predation occurs in virtually all ecosystems
3.) A wide variety of animals are seed predators
>(ex: of a few insects, birds, mammals)
4.) Introduce pre and post-dispersal seed predation
5.) Effects on seed populations and plant demographics
>Plant defenses
Expanded sections:

1.) Seeds have energy rich endosperm
>higher calories relative to other plant parts
2.) Attractive traits of seeds (e.g., eliasomes)
>Meant for dispersal, but can attract predators or pathogens
3.) Seed defenses
>Physical (thorns, trichomes, toughness, size etc)
>chemical- secondary compounds (Alkaloids, tannins, terpenoids etc)
4.) Seed abundance varies
5.) Seed masting
>Possibly regulate the numbers of seed predators

Differences between pre and post-dispersal seed predation
1.) Types of predators (granivore guilds- specialist vs generalists)
>importance of seed size vs. predator size
>common groups of animals in each guild
2.) Frequency of each
3.) Severity of each

Effects on plant demography
1.) Density dependence and seed predation
2.) Safe-site limitation vs. Seed limitation (graph)
3.) Janzen-Connell model
4.) Spatio-temporal variation and plant pop. dynamics

1.) Seed defenses and animal adaptations
2.) Case studies

In editing the two aforementioned Wikipedia entries we are not aiming to start from scratch or ignore the accurate posts already online. Rather we are attempting to reorganize the structure, use the accurate information already posted, and improve the overall scope of this entry. In receiving this assignment for our class we did not want to come in and ignore the already active Wikipedia community, so any comments and discussion are very welcome.

Let's see if we can make this entry as complete and accurate as possible!
Seedpredation (talk) 23:14, 3 November 2008 (UTC)