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Ideology Pushing presented as Anthropology? Fear M. Mead approaches[edit]

Please refrain from developing Green-anarchist Rousseau-like utopias and then projecting them in isolated tribes, this is an encyclopedia and is supposed to present all sides of the story, primitivist prejudices aside. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by USER NAME OR IP (talkcontribs).

How about, instead of trashing theories or ideologies you fear, you offer evidence that would contradict statements you disagree with? Your 'refutation' contains no factual evidence to contradict the original statement. Do you believe that children do not play non-competitive games in any culture, or just not in Semai culture? Or that non-competitive games do not or cannot exist? Or that it's unlikely or impossible that Semai children would play only non-competitive games? When you say that an author of an article in this encyclopedia ought to "present all sides of the story," were there particular other pieces of information or other theories that you thought should be presented? --InsEnd 19:06, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

This issue was addressed by Bruce Bonta in his 1997 work, "Cooperation and Competition," where he does list the Semai as a culture which lacks competitive games among children.