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I'd like to put in an interwiki link to , but that article seems to be factually incorrect... AnonMoos

The Seveners today[edit]

Greetings! Here are some sources concerning the position of the Ismaelite Seveners today:

  1. Ende W. & Steinbach, U. 2010. Islam in the World Today: A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Culture, and Society, p. 260: "Afganistan is home to both Twelver Shi'a (the majority) and Sevener Ismailis (a minority), together making up over 20 percent of the country population."
  2. Hendricks, S. 2005. Tasawwuf (Sufism): Its Role and Impact on the Culture of Cape Islam, pp. 112-113: "Pockets of various Shi'ite sects however - particularly the Isma'ilis, or Seveners - do exist in all the major centres along the East African coast (Trimingham, 1962:104-8)."

Besides, our own articles like Nizari or Assasin — although not valid sources — speak about the Seveners to quite extent, making the connection to the modern day Nizari Ismaelites. Cheers! Jayaguru-Shishya (talk) 18:21, 27 June 2016 (UTC)