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In may of 2004 an exhibition named "Sharon" was opened in Tel Aviv, Israel that suggested the connection between the "Sharon" region and the "Sharon" man - Ariel Sharon. The exhibition was held by The Free Academy.

This reference was removed as the name Sharon is included in prayers dating back to Roman times, and has absolutely nothing to do with Ariel Sharon, except that Ariel Sharon changed his name from Scheinerman to Sharon due to being born in Kfar Malal, which is in the Sharon region. AWN2 01:54, 21 August 2006 (UTC) The Population figures were added up data from the CBS 2008 Report. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ShlomoHasoon (talkcontribs) 00:42, 27 February 2010 (UTC)

Article COMPETELY wrong so far[edit]

The definition was completely wrong ("northern part of the Coastal Plain" from the Lebanese border to Tel Aviv). It's nothing like that.

The figures quoted were connected to the wrong source (see below).

The Bible was quoted as science.

Modern history was presented as entire history.

The rest was excellent :-)

If you want to save some of the stats, here is what I removed and the reason why I did it:

  • a) The definition in the lead is WRONG, far too wide, and there is no way to say if the stats here refer to the correct or the wrong extent of the region.
  • b) The URL leads to tables which contain NOTHING like what's attributed to them. So, wrong source.
  • c) The quoted stats are at least 9 years old. The Bureau of Statistics has not been on strike for a full decade.

"In 2008, the Sharon Plain was home to 1,131,600 people,[1] 965,300 of them (85.3%) are Jews, and 166,300 (14.6%) are Arabs."

  1. ^ "Table 3 - Population of Localities Numbering Above 1,000 Residents and Other Rural Population" (PDF). Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. 2008-06-30. Retrieved 2008-10-18.