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merge Sherani Subdistrict[edit]

The following discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section. A summary of the conclusions reached follows.
Merge and redirection complete. WTF? (talk) 18:25, 31 May 2013 (UTC)

I do agree for deleting page Sherani sub-district on following grounds.(1) It was actually the sub-division never a sub district, no such term ever exists in administrative Jargon. So (2)There is such thing by this name in any part of country (Pakistan) so right the very nomenclature was incorrect.(3)Being scribe of entire the Sherani District, I have incorporated all essential information in it. (4) The major chunk in body of that article too was purely my contribution, (added from 25 November to 3rd December 2011). Now I think that redundant. (5)I don't see anything more in that worthy for merging so needed to be deleted ab-initio. Thanks sir/Ma'am.M.A.Harifal. 11:16, 6 January 2012 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Dr.Muhammad Akbar (talkcontribs) M.A.Harifal. 13:35, 15 January 2012 (UTC)Almost much and possible clean up has been done,hence tagged page removed.M.A.Harifal. 13:35, 15 January 2012 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Dr.Muhammad Akbar (talkcontribs)

The sources used the word "sub-district", whether official or not. There is historical information that has not been transferred. --Bejnar (talk) 17:05, 17 May 2013 (UTC)

The above discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section.


After merger, this article remains disorganised with demographic, geographic and historical information all mixed together. --Bejnar (talk) 16:00, 1 June 2013 (UTC)

Undiscussed page move[edit]

Editor @Khestwol: recently moved this article from Sherani District to Shirani District without discussion or explanation. Khestwol, what is the rationale for this move? For me, a Google search turns up 3000 or so edits on "Sherani District" vs 207 on "Shirani District" (note the quote marks). And the Balochistan website refers to it as Sherani. Per WP:COMMONNAME we should use the name most commonly used. For this reason I am moving the article back to its original name until a new consensus is established. Cyphoidbomb (talk) 19:26, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

Hi @Cyphoidbomb: The district is named after the Shirani tribe. However, because the district is new (6 years old), neither "Sherani District" nor "Shirani District" are common in English when used together, as of yet. We should, however, search for "Shirani" vs. "Sherani" individually (Shirani town and Shirani tribe existed before Shirani District was established). Use ngram viewer: The spelling "Shirani" is far more common. So I would still like to have the title "Shirani District" for the article. Khestwol (talk) 20:12, 30 December 2014 (UTC)
It will also be a nice idea to create a new article for Shirani town, the headquarters of the district. Khestwol (talk) 20:14, 30 December 2014 (UTC)
Hi @Khestwol:, your points are noted. My concern with your pitch, is that by using the single word we would be including all other uses of Shirani in English that may have nothing to do with Balochistan, or even with Pakistan, like people's surnames, or their first names. Shirani Bandaranayake, a Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, for instance. I tried a few other options with Google ngram, but didn't have any luck. I tried to plot Shirani district vs Sherani district, Shirani Pashtun vs Sherani Pashtun, Shirani tribe vs Sherani tribe, but nothing came up. Maybe there's a better search that will sway me? Not trying to be difficult, I'm happy to yield if there is a compelling reason to. Cyphoidbomb (talk) 20:27, 30 December 2014 (UTC)