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Additional information needs[edit]

I would guess that this has been mechanically transcribed from a Germany Wikipedia version. I've spent a bit of time wordsmithing the article so that it reads better to a native English reader. There are a couple of points where additional information is needed. Both are related to the fact that the garrison troops were expecting to be relieved by Prince Maurice, and therefor held out for nine days, before surrendering. First: Why was Prince Maurice unable to come to the rescue? Second: The "rapidity of movement" of the Spanish troops was mentioned twice as crucial to their victory. That needs to be elaborated on

Perhaps it was not so much that the Spanish troops moved quickly, but that they were able to force the garrison to surrender before Prince Maurice could arrive with reinforcements. That MIGHT be the explanation, but "rapidity of movement of the Spanish troops" implies something else. In anycase, what was there on this subject did not stand alone in English. (Might have been more clear in German, but that did not come across in the translation.) Needs additional information. I've temporarily removed the reference to "rapidity of movement", assuming that there was nothing special here...just that Maurice didn't get there in time.

TwelveGreat (talk) 12:39, 19 September 2016 (UTC)