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Issue of "abandonment"[edit]

I thought I'd fully explain one of my recent edits (btw, overlook the duplicated header change -- that was me being dense, and it's since been fixed!). The issue of "abandonment" is something that I ran into while writing Flocke's article; despite several sources referring to Flocke being "abandoned" by her mother, it simply wasn't true, which is why it's not mentioned here on Wikipedia. The sources were mistaken, or at least over-simplifying the issue. Like Siku, Flocke was removed from her mother's care by zookeepers shortly after she was born out of concern for her well being. The sources may have been confusing Flocke with Knut, who was actually ignored and left on a rock to die by his mother. Animals do abandon their young for whatever reasons, but in Siku's case it doesn't appear to have happened -- she just simply couldn't produce milk, so the cub was taken away. This is why I boldly removed the category and part of the section header referring to abandonment. If anyone else has thoughts on this matter, however, that would be great. María (yllosubmarine) 22:06, 5 January 2012 (UTC)