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Material removed[edit]

I've just re-removed that material from the article. My reasoning is as follows:

  • The Australian Good Food and Travel Guide does not appear to have actually reviewed this cafe. Most of the content of it's entry has clearly been written by the cafe itself, and the 'Rating' section says only "Silver Star Cafe, Port Hedland has been independently rated as: Unlicensed Cafe/Family Restaurants. The crossed spoon and fork symbols are only representative of Silver Star Cafe restaurants setting, décor & style." The website encourages restaurants to add themselves to it, and the "review" of such content seems to be desk based ("Your information will not be added automatically, it will be reviewed first by one of our customer service representatives to ensure that it fits into the genre of our site."). As such, this isn't a reliable source, and being listed in it doesn't mean a great deal.
  • I've removed the statement that "The introduction of the a la carte menu for dinner has opened up some further possibilities, including hosting and catering for outdoor weddings." This reads like advertising for the cafe (it's sourced to an interview with its owner), and is pretty speculative. If the cafe does cater for weddings that might be worth including, but having the potential to do so doesn't mean a great deal.
  • Similarly, I've removed the statement that "Ms Berry attributes the success of the business to a number of factors, including the food, the atmosphere, the uniqueness of the venue, and the comfortable feeling of the place. While starting up the business, she received much support from "... a lot of very well known businesswomen in the area who did everything they could to help me along and teach me," and that support continues." - this is the owner of the cafe spruiking her own business. Of course she thinks its wonderful and that the local community (eg, her customers and friends) have been great. She's not a reliable source about herself.

That said, this is an interesting and worthwhile topic for an article. Nick-D (talk) 07:57, 22 May 2012 (UTC)