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Review from Chzz[edit]

General notes:

  • The article just about passes the notability requirements, in my opinion - but it really could do with one or two decent reliable sources, such as mainstream newspaper articles or something.
  • Twitter is in no way an appropriate source; remove it
  • Do not put links within the body; external links should only be used as references, or (in a very limited capacity) in an 'external links' section - see WP:EL.
  • Use == Section headings ==. For example, instead of '''Early Life and career''' put ==Early life and career ==

Simon Dolan is a predominant British[citation needed] businessmanand serial entrepreneur[neutrality is disputed] with business interests primarily[weasel words] in the finance industry, most notably[weasel words] SJD accountancy [1],[citation needed] Easy Accountancy [2][citation needed] and Contractor Umbrella [3].[citation needed] As of 2009, his companies are worth an estimated £50 million.[citation needed]Note, links to the corp websites do not verify that he worked there

Early Life and career

Simon Dolan grew up on an estate in Chelmsford and attended KEGS Grammar School [4]. His inquisitive nature led to him being asked to leave the school at 16.(remove that, it's not encyclopaedic, not neutral, and not sourced)

Dolan’s entrepreneurial career kicked off colloquial, not an encylopaedic term; change to e.g. "began" aged 13,there is no point linking to the article on '13', it does not help with understanding this article selling free scratch cards to children at his Grammar school.[citation needed](I doubt that this will be sourcable? His formative years were spent working on the local cheese and egg those three links are also pointless stall which he says, “Gave him a great work ethic[5]. After trying his luck not encyclopaedic language as a rock star and a quick stint selling timeshares and photocopiers post-school, he finally landed himself not encyclopaedic language an accountancy job. Deciding to go it alone to make a bit more cash not encyclopaedic language , he placed an ad in the local paper for £10 offering accountancy services for a fixed fee [6].

Dolan’s first client gave him the money he needed to place another ad in the paper, from which he gained his second client. From this initial work he built up a small practice offering accountancy services to, “Subbies, chippies and brickies” [7].

After moving South from Manchester to Hertfordshire, Dolan tried to re-create his success in the South. His breakthrough came when he realised that there was a real need for specialist accountants focusing on contractors and freelancers. lHe built up his company by emphasising good old customer service values This is not neutral; if it is to go in the article, it would have to be a direct quotation and was the first accountant to introduce a money backed service guarantee[6]. In 2009, SJD Accountancy ran a £10 million turnover with over 10000 clientsonline.the preceeding facts would need a better source, not just the word of Dolan in an interview Dolan has consequently set up firms including Easy Accountancy [8], Contractor Umbrella [9] and race team Jota Sport [10].

Business Philisophy

When it comes to business, Dolan focuses on keeping his staff happy and making money(deleted; not neutral). He claims that you don’t need to have fashionable management techniques and instead focuses on employing people with a, “Special spark”[11]. SJD Accountancy is now 26th in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies ratings, cited for its, “Low stress environment[12].

Other Businesses

Dolan takes a keen interest in racecar driving and consequently formed the company Jota Sport – a division of the sportscar racing outfit, Team Jota. He also takes part in the racing side of the business, driving for the team at all major events.

Through the social networking site, Twitter, Dolan is now looking for investment opportunities. He’s offering entrepreneurs and small businesses the chance to pitch him their idea in a Twitter message of 140 characters [13].struck out, because these 'facts' are not verifiable

Update from Bossbuild[edit]

The above issues appear to have been addressed, I have removed the tags from this page. Bossbuild (talk) 06:08, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

Based on what exactly? Nothing has been done to make this article remotely encyclopedic, it is still written in a style of bullet points rather than actual prose, it's heavily self-promotional and heavily edited by those associated with Mr. Dolan and his businesses. These are all the issues raised, and all still exist within the article. Do not remove clean-up templates simply because you do not like them. The359 (Talk) 09:36, 4 August 2011 (UTC)
Further, the "above" issues from User:Chzz were from when the article was originally being created, in 2009, two years ago. The templates at the top of the article now are from 2011. Clearly the issue from 2 years ago is not the same issue as now. The359 (Talk) 10:08, 4 August 2011 (UTC)
I have based this on the fact that everything, in my opinion, that User:Chzz has listed above has been completed. :I myself have addressed the issues in the clean-up tag.
I re-worded some of the content - ensuring it's not been written from a biased point of view.
I have removed irrelevant references and external links - Thus cleaning the article up.
"It may have been edited by a contributor who has a close connection with its subject" - The first I heard of Mr. Dolan was when I hit the "Random Article" button, so I have no connection with the subject.
These are the three issues that the clean-up tag is pointing out. All three issues have been rectified, as have the comments and suggestions contained in the review from another contributor. If you feel that changes still need to be made to the article then please make the changes yourself. I have rectified all the problems detailed within this article so in my opinion it has been cleaned up. Therefore, once again, I have removed the clean-up tags.

Bossbuild (talk) 11:14, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

Repeating what I stated above: The template that I added to the article is NOT related to the issues addressed by User:Chzz. Cleaning up the mistakes that Chzz pointed out two years ago, many of which were no longer in the article anyway, does not mean that the article is "fixed". Therefore removing the template is improper as you have not addressed the issues raised by the template.
None of the issues addressed have been rectified. Just because you removed a few references does not make the article "cleaned-up". The prose of the article is absolute rubbish and is not at all written in a style fitting of an encyclopedia or of Wikipedia. The article is still heavily biased, in part due to the fact that the article is still heavily edited by persons related to Mr. Dolan. As you so graciously pointed out, you should check the article's history more carefully to see where these edits are coming from, and where the issue of conflict of interest has been raised before with specific users. Note that I never specifically stated that you were a conflict of interest, although I cannot help but admit that your user name and its relation to a company of the same name, and the sort of work they do, is highly suspect. The359 (Talk) 18:16, 4 August 2011 (UTC)
Thank you for the pointers The359 - I am still fairly new to contribution so your help is appreciated. I want to move onto my next topic as soon as possible so I apologise for trying to rush the things. Having re-read the article from top to bottom I now realise that the natural flow of the content should be taken into account too. I agree that it does not read well and I will try to bear this in mind when editing articles in the future. Looking further back in the history of this article I can see that the page was created by one user and the fact that this individual had such detail on Mr. Dolan would suggest that the user has an affiliation with him, or is indeed Mr. Dolan himself.
There was also direct mention of company names within the article, I didn't notice this on first glance, and I have now removed them as this is blatant advertising. The article does seem to have a lot of focus on Mr. Dolan's business interests, so I am going to try to filter this out.
I've never actually put my username into a search engine before so seeing the results were quite interesting. During my youth I was part of an online gaming community with the username "[Cor3]Bossbuild" hence the name Bossbuild. A little silly, but I've always stuck with it.
I feel compelled to rectify the problems with this page, Starting an edit and not finishing it is certainly not the impression I want to give as a new contributor. I am going to look for some easier pages to get some more experience and come back to this in a couple of days. Thanks for your help. Bossbuild (talk) 21:52, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

Apologies for the delay, I have only just got around to looking at this page again. I've researched Mr Dolan a little and found some good references. I've removed all the dead links from the page and rephrased some of the content to improve it's natural flow. I've also taken out all the content that seemed to be written from a biased point of view, there was a lot of poorly sourced information that someone neutral to Mr Dolan would not have access to. In my opinion I would say that this page now meets Wiki quality standards and I see no reason for the page to be marked for amendments. If you disagree, please do tell me where you think I have gone wrong with this edit as it took quite a long time! all the best Bossbuild (talk) 22:59, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

There is almost no improvement over the article from before your edit, to be quite honest. You have the same editing motif of completely ignoring the concept of a paragraph, instead listing referenced events in bulleted form (minus the bullet). You've removed cited items, and removed items simply because the citation link was dead, something which is not a reason for removing material. Nor is simply lacking a reference automatically means for removing text. If a link existed at some point, then that reference is valid, regardless of whether or not you can read the link at this very moment. The first two major sections of the article *and the majority of the article honestly) are a listing of Dolan's appearances in media? Is this a listing of scheduled PR pieces or an encyclopedic article?
And let's not forget nominating an article for deletion incorrectly, and then failing to explain your actions. Or removing legitimate clean-up templates in order to add ones that are minor compared to the ones that you removed, followed by giving some sort of two month warning over an article you've never been involved in. You clearly have not the slightest clue what you are doing. If you want to learn about editing Wikipedia, edit Wikipedia on a minor scale. Attempting to delete articles or rewrite articles wholesale, especially ones that you have no background with the subject matter, has been more destructive than constructive. The359 (Talk) 08:18, 26 August 2011 (UTC)

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