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well it almost works - gotta explain why A in the third line of the table instead of -A. I guess I still have a bad direction in the diagrams somewhere...--Kwantus (I know what happened -- my paper diagrams were mirrored)

Polynomial for cinquefoil was wrong -- fixed[edit]

There was a sign missing in the last line of the table. Added a sentence with the final expression for a cinquefoil knot. --GoodExplainer

Move example and general theory[edit]

I think it would be good to move the computation of examples of the Alexander-Conway polynomial to Alexander polynomial (where Alexander-Conway polynomial currently redirects). That way, this page could be for more general statements and theory about skein relations, and we don't fill this page with just examples of computing Jones, HOMFLY, etc. --C S (Talk) 05:08, 15 April 2006 (UTC)

28 august 2018 addition[edit]

sorry - i'm not particularly familiar with the etiquette or the way things work round here.

the mentioned edit is formatted poorly - the math is not written in tex - and moreover the things it mentions rather esoteric. the references also contain typos. i don't think this is important or relevant enough to warrant inclusion in this article.

should it be reverted? i'm unsure how to do this and don't want to invoke wrath of anybody. -- n.