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One of the listed producers, Roberto Anselmi, actually rejected the Soave classification for his wines in 2000. Here's the quote from Anselmi's web site:

"After tough battles with the managers who administer the Soave D. O. C. consortium, in 2000 I felt forced to withdraw from the D. O. C. consortium because of an irretrievable breakdown over techniques and philosophy about the management of vine growing and over the plans for actual and future quality of the wines produced that way.

"In fact it is not possible to plan for quality vine growing by using the pergola training system, a system which is the main cause of the mediocre quality of the grapes produced.

"As the Soave D. O. C. G. quality allowed this particular training system, I felt it necessary to protest strongly in the only way open to me: to produce even better grapes and wines but outside the Soave D. O. C. consortium."

Angiolino Maule is another member of the resistance.

And who says Soave is "popular" -- not a neutral statement and not supported.

  • Good point about non-neutral statement, I'll fix that. There's a lot of this in the wine articles... it kind of goes with the territory. I'm looking to update this article soon and although it's a little anecdotal, if it you could supply a reference (link or whatever to the source of the info) it might be useful for the page at some point. If you're interested, you could get involved - have a look at the wine project page and sign up, we could use some help with the Italians! mikaul 13:21, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

I've revised the page but it could use some more content, sections, etc. mikaul 10:41, 19 March 2007 (UTC)