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I dispute the neutrality of the article's text (edit: it was changed, so you'll have to go into the history to see what it was).

In fact, I think reading it vs. this page: shows a great inconsistency. This original version of this article smacked of shadowy "corporate influences" resulting in liberals looking at their worst, as opposed to genuinely held views of the artists. Indeed, ascribing motivations to the artists seems difficult, but this article appeared to do so (I also am reminded of Matt Stone's oft-repeated quote, "We hate conservatives, but we fucking hate liberals").

Did the author of this article know when Matt gave that quote? Was it pre- or post- the corporations "getting to him?" The author of the article also uses money and success to "explain" the shift as an alternative, but does so without any support.

In sum, consider: The author has attempted to describe a "shift" in attitudes, in which the author claims certain animated shows start out progressive, but become conservative as they find success, and has attempted to label this "shift" being a "South Park Conservative." The author did this, but uses some animated shows that (1) were in existence BEFORE South Park, and (2) provides not a single example of this shift.

The author might as well start a page devoted to men who gain weight, and call it, "The William Shatner Effect." This page, in its current form, bears no relation to its name, and is wholly unsupported by facts.

See also:

Frankly, the description bothered me so much, I changed it to its bare, objective definition. There already is plenty of argument and discussion on the South Park Republicans page about whether or not there even IS a liberal or conservative "bias" in the show South Park, such that I felt comfortable enough to make a change expressing just the simple fact of what South Park Conservative means in terms of the book with the same title.

One last minor point -- I don't begrudge the user "Radical Mallard" for making his points, but I think they were very poorly placed for being in this entry. If anything, his argument belonged on the South Park Republicans page, where a discussion covering much of this is raging.