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Tularemia during WW II[edit]

There is a reference (an editorial rather than scientific paper) from Military Medicine, claiming that tularemia outbreak was due to natural causes. I would like to mention the following: (1) authors argue that high rate of pulmonary involvement in tularemia infections (95.2%) among German troops during the battle of Stalingrad does not necessarily indicate the use of aerosol BW (although ordinary transmission pathway is through ticks and rodents); (2) they misrepresent some statements by Alibek. He claimed that he was told about the use of tularemia as a bioweapon by an officer who was personally involved in this operation. Biophys 17:31, 4 June 2007 (UTC) But this is just a stub; it will be extended.Biophys 17:53, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

A serious review on the subject of BW is by Dany Shoham and Ze'ev Wolfson (Critical Reviews in Microbiology, Volume 30, Number 4, October-December 2004, pp. 241-261) - provided in the article, but full text available only to subscribers. It however does not describe early history of BW in Soviet Union.Biophys 18:28, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

Memories of Gen. Burgasov[edit]

А ситуация с "утечкой" самого бакоружия была вот какая. На острове "Возрождение" в Аральском море (там сейчас американцы ведут исследования - неужели правда верят, что мы им там что-то оставили?) испытывалась сильнейшая рецептура оспы. Вдруг мне докладывают, что в Аральске есть непонятные случаи смертности. Выяснилось вот что: исследовательский корабль Аральского мореходства подошел к острову на расстояние 15 километров (было запрещено ближе чем на 40), лаборантка дважды в день выходила на палубу и брала пробы планктона. Возбудитель оспы - а на острове тогда было подорвано всего 400 граммов рецептуры - "достал" ее, она заразилась, а вернувшись домой в Аральск, заразила еще несколько человек, в том числе детей. Все умерли. Догадавшись о причинах, я позвонил начальнику Генштаба СССР и попросил запретить остановку поездов Алма-Ата - Москва в Аральске. Так была предотвращена эпидемия по всей стране. Я позвонил Андропову, тогда главе КГБ, и доложил о том, что на "Возрождении" получена исключительная рецептура оспы. Он приказал больше об этом не говорить ни слова.

Вот что такое настоящее бакоружие! Минимальный радиус действия - 15 километров. Можно себе представить, если бы на месте одной лаборантки оказалось 100 - 200 человек. Кстати, в Маньчжурии в 1912 году от оспы одномоментно погибли 110 тыс. человек. [1]

That must be included.Biophys 17:23, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

[Bing translated]: And the situation with the "leakage" of the bakoružiâ that's what it was. Renaissance on the island in the Aral Sea (there are now Americans are research-really really believe that we had something left?) tested the best recipe of smallpox. Suddenly, I report that, in Aralsk is puzzling cases of mortality. It turned out that the research ship of the Aral Sea came to the island at a distance of 15 kilometers (prohibited closer than 40), a lab worker twice a day was getting on deck and took samples of plankton. The smallpox pathogen-and on the island then was detonated just 400 grams the recipes-"fed up" her, she contracted, and back home in Aralsk, has infected several others, including children. All died. Guessed why I called the Chief of general staff of the USSR and asked ban to stop train Almaty-Moscow in Aralsk. Thus was averted the epidemic throughout the country. I called Andropov, then head of the KGB, and reported that the "Revival" received the exclusive recipe of smallpox. He ordered not to talk about it anymore. Here's what real bakoružie! The minimum range is 15 kilometers. You can imagine if one laboratorian was 100-200 people. By the way, in Manchuria in 1912 year from smallpox at 110 thousand died. man. (talk) 16:41, 25 March 2014 (UTC)