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I've edited this article to improve its accuracy. The term "Soviet people" (narod) only came into formal party doctrine after 1970, during Brezhnev's leadership. However, the article implied that this term was used throughout Soviet history. Even now, there are no citations to the use of the term, the source of the term. Another problem with the essay is that it had stated or implied that official policy was consistent from the beginning to the end of the regime. That's simply not the case. I've added a bit of a corrective by including reference to some things that are addressed in other WP articles, such as those on korenizatsiya and Russification. This article actually adds nothing to those articles, and in some respects (at least before it was edited) confuses things by its lack of citations and historical context for the term. I think it's a good candidate for deletion.--Mack2 09:10, 19 February 2007 (UTC)