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Spydawn should not be delete, everyone should know about this fake anti-spyware program. Which is a variant of SpywareQuake, SpyAxe and Spy Sheriff.

(2/21/2007) I don't understand why JonHarder removed this page without the agreement of other fellow Wiki contributors. It's understandable that he or she can modify it or even make suggestions to improve the quality of this article, but it does't mean that he could remove it without the consent of others. JonHarder proposed to delete it, then removed the whole article and redirected people to another Spyware variant which he thought they are the same. They are not the same if he actually do some researches. I just checked JonHarder's history and he has the tendency to delete other contributors' works constantly. Wikipedia, PLEASE do something to this guy. I don't want to see this guy keep deleting others' works. We are here to work together and improve this online community. This one person doesn't deserve more rights than someone else. I am going to restore the old article so others can help out and improve it.

Feb. 22, 2007 I strongly agree with the input above. This might not be the best article, but the effort this author has showed should not be ignored. After all, we are here to collaborate.

March 7, 2007 I believe the article on SpyDawn is incorrect. SpyDawn is a rogue spyware package, but the attached links take you to pay-only sites. Researching the Enigma program at, they were sceptical about the authenticity of Enigma. We finally found a program from a French company that did remove the software and fix the problem. There is a link to this on the Ad-aware website. The program is called smit fraud fix hope this helps.

  • I suggest renaming this article to SpyDawn (capital D). 19:23, 10 April 2007 (UTC) Macic7