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Why is he notable?

--Stone (talk) 09:46, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

Srđan Ognjanović is notable because he is the 6th Director of Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade, a school that won more than 400 medals at international competitions. During his mandate the school won 1st place in International Mathematics Olympiad and Serbia ranked 10th as a country. The School beat Russian school Kolmogorov 2 times in a row at the Kolmogorov international competition organized in Moscow at Moscow State University (Lomonosov University). It is a unique result in the world.

Ognjanović is also among "300 most powerful people in Serbia", a list, published annually by "Blic" daily newspaper, that include Serbian president Boris Tadić, some ministers, Mayor of Belgrade Dragan Đilas, foreign ambassadors to Serbia (Germany, USA, French, UK, Italy, Russia, Japan, OSCE; search term in the list: "ambasador" (serbian for "ambassador")), some of the richest businessmen doing business in Serbia (e.g. Miroslav Mišković; Nikola Petrović, CEO of Eurostar Group; Milan Beko; Toplica Spasojević, owner and CEO of ITM Group; David J. Rintoul, Vice President of "U.S. Steel" European Operations; Kiril Kravtschenko, CEO of JSC Gazprom Neft's Serbian company Oil Industry Serbia (NIS); Oliver Regl, CEO of Austrian Raiffeisen Bank; etc.), some of the world known sportists (e.g. tennis player Novak Đoković (WTA numer 2); former NBA star Vlade Divac, etc.), and others.[1][2]

Miljov (talk) 15:30, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

  • Srđan Ognjanović is a mediocre. Makes no sense to compare him to great athletes (Djokovic, Divac). Delete this article, please!-- (talk) 23:15, 12 October 2015 (UTC)