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Cheerleader section needs typographical corrections as well as modifications to eliminate opinions and focus on verifiable information.39aka94 17:25, 15 October 2007 (UTC)Leslie Jones

Fair use rationale for Image:St Aug Newshield.gif[edit]

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President Suber[edit]

This section should be edited even more to make it sound like less of a puff piece - not really appropriate to have her life story here. Where did she earn her doctorate? That should be included, if other degrees are.--Parkwells (talk) 20:38, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Religious affiliation[edit]

Is the church still a partner or owned by the Episcopal Church USA? --Willthacheerleader18 (talk) 00:52, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

2601:0:900:C9F9:606B:30CD:E66E:A664 (talk) 17:05, 24 September 2015 (UTC)J== I wish to submit Dr. Lloyd Quarterman to be included in the list of notable alumni ==

Listen, I have no idea what I'm doing here, but I recently looked for African American scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project during WW II. The first one listed was Lloyd Quarterman so I looked him up and his University and discovered he apparently graduated from St. Augustine. He is not listed among the alumni, which I am guessing is an oversite, but I think that should be corrected, and I have no idea how to do it. Finally I discovered that I could leave a message on this "Talk" page. I hope someone will see it and do the appropriate research and give this brilliant scientist who toiled along with so many other brilliant minds in the 1942-1945 era and ensured that we here in the United States stayed free people. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2601:0:900:C9F9:606B:30CD:E66E:A664 (talk) 17:03, 24 September 2015 (UTC)

Leonard didn't write the article, but found it and added to and commented on what it said[edit]

How do I identify the source? I put the same URL and title on both sources, but it's really one source. Teresa Leonard didn't write it. She added to what Margaret Haywood said.— Vchimpanzee • talk • contributions • 19:14, 31 March 2017 (UTC)