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This is chiefly a message for Nolelover. Firstly, while I appreciate that Wikipedia is a free forum and everyone is perfectly entitled to weigh in, I do find it extremely discourteous of you that after I've spent several days researching and writing the article, citing a number of academic references, you should be getting stuck in there making changes only a few minutes after I've loaded it up AND while I'm still trying to sort out a couple of typos - which I was unable to do because what I was doing was being thwarted by others fiddling around at the same time. I think people might reasonably leave at least an hour before swooping on a brand new page that someone else has only just created. Secondly, your unilateral change of the page title, without any notice or consultation, as well as being another act of gross discourtesy, also displays a complete failure of understanding of the subject matter. I entitled the page 'St Paul’s Church, Stamford - now the chapel of Stamford School' not by accident as you seem to imagine but deliberately after some thought because it is an accurate reflection of what it is. To rename it 'St Paul's church (Stamford)' is simply wrong and makes no sense. St Paul's Church, Stamford has not existed for over 450 years - as you would realise if you'd bothered to read the article properly, and most people even in Stamford would not recognise the reference. 'Stamford School chapel' would be the correct contemporary description but that wouldn't be the full story either. Hence my title - which is both accurate and comprehensive. I have tried to change it back but was unable to do so, so I respectfully ask that you restore it to my original title yourself, pending an exchange of views between Stamford-based contributors who know something about it. I do not know who you are; you describe yourself as "an American teen" and evidently are far more experienced in the ways of Wikipedia than I am but, personally, I would be more cautious about rushing in to change articles about things on the other side of the world that I knew nothing about. Lonstan (talk) 20:42, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

Ah! Sorry Lonstan but I moved it again (to a format consistent with the other Stamford church pages) before I read this Talk page. Ned de Rotelande 22:30, 2 December 2011 (UTC)