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This article has surely something wrong: it's impossible, infact, that in 1911 the stadium had been called "del partito nazionale fascista" since at that time the PNF didn't exist yet. I didn't find many informations about it on the web, but the italian page of wikipedia seems correct and is much more detailed than this (nothing strange about this). Maybe a simple translation could be a good solution.

That's right. It had to have another name 1911–1921, at least, since the National Fascist Party wasn't even formed under that name until 1921. It also must have been called something different toward the end of its existence, as there was no National Fascist Party at all, at least under that name, post-1943 and the stadium continued to stand into the 1950s. 2600:1004:B101:FDDB:D901:6751:7DA8:570F (talk) 03:51, 15 June 2014 (UTC)